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What to do on the Ring of Kerry, you will have a better experience by getting good recommendations from a local perspective.

Our people were Born and Bred in Kerry and have taken part in most activities with great knowledge of the surrounding areas we have been helping our Guests to our County for many years. Working from the Lake Hotel in Killarney we like to help our Guests and Guests staying locally to have a greater experience in our region known as the “Kingdom of Kerry”. Coming from a local Family run business we offer the “Personal Touch” which is getting harder to find in some modern accommodations.

We hope you find our website useful and would love some feedback, we are currently changing the design and information for Phones, Tablets and Computers. Our website is work in progress so we will continually improve as we go forward.

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Map of Killarney and Things to do in Killarney

We will be adding much more information and continue to develop this website and the information we offer.